• Hello, meet Connie Jordan.

    Connie Jordan is a professional life, career and executive coach who has spent over 15 years helping thousands of individuals achieve balanced success. As the Founder and CEO of Anchor Adversity, LLC, she is trusted with educating, motivating, and re-branding thousands of individuals’ leadership spirit by coaching life strategies.


    Connie Jordan leverages her depth of leadership knowledge to inspire individuals to achieve a higher level of success, professionally and personally. Her unique coaching philosophy is based on C.H.A.N.G.E., meaning “Can Handle Any New Growth Experience.” She believes each hurdle is a growth experience that grooms an individual for the next phase of leadership development.


    As a leader, Connie Jordan has been recognized for numerous honors including the University of Phoenix Outstanding Faculty Educator Award and the Academy of Excellence Community Outreach Award.


    Based in Nevada and Arizona, Connie Jordan is passionate about issues affecting the local community and encourages educational opportunities and youth development programs. She also proudly supports a number of nonprofit organizations including Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and the Salvation Army.

  • Connie Jordan Poetry

    Please allow Connie Jordan to share with you.

    Rise Up

    By: Connie Jordan

    Rise up and take on a brand new day, because we all have something worthwhile to say.

    It’s a new mission for me, as I had struggled through the storm, cheers to you and thank goodness, I didn’t irrationally conform.

    Fall Down

    By: Connie Jordan

    Fall down on your knees and lift up your arms, believing, receiving, awaiting for the ultimate charm.

    It may not come, as you want it right now, but with faith, hope and love, trust it will come, with an abundant sound.

    You will scream and cry with so much fame, almost in disbelief that he really came.


    By: Connie Jordan

    I am broke and my head is down.

    The love of my life says, pick up your head,

    When walking around town.

    You never let anyone, see your temporary defeat,

    As you dress to impress with a mood of bittersweet.

    It’s been over five years now, and what have I done?

    Move with progression, and portray a lump sum,

    Of happiness and peace is the image to give,

    As this will evolve into your life to live.

    Blank Page

    By: Connie Jordan

    This is how it all begins,

    With nothing on paper, 'til you fill it in.

    Your mind will venture all over the place,

    Up until you retract and begin to unlace.

    Self-Reflection is necessary to take a strong stand,

    To become the individual, you know Divinity planned.

    The present is here, and the future ahead,

    What it will look like, determines how you tread.

    It is only you that can turn the pages in your book,

    To create celebrations of bliss, higher wages, and give life a second look.

    You no longer carry pain or inconceivable outrage,

    Because it was only then, that you had a blank page.

    Back Stage

    By: Connie Jordan

    Are you behind the curtain when the lights come on?

    Wishing and hoping to be the next echelon.

    Perfecting your skills, so you can just pay the bills,

    I get it, I know, this is certainly not a thrill.

    But, as preparation leads to an open door,

    It will all pay off, as you progressed with hardcore.

    Somehow, someway, make the time to self-engage,

    As this is a one-way out, from being backstage.

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